Christians are looking for answers on how to purposefully interact with today’s culture.

There are many different perspectives on the level of interaction, the plan of interaction, and the perspective for interaction. We can continue to allow these different perspectives to confuse or even divert us from even attempting to connect and engage in meaningful ways. Or, we can move forward openly into the conversation and see what the Bible says about the intersection between faith and culture.

“The problem with the conversation of Christianity and the arts is that we are still talking about the problem of Christianity and the arts. I don’t think most artists feel comfortable in most churches that I know, because what they are doing is usually on the cultural boundary, they don’t see other people like them, and there is the homogeneous unit principle.” – Dr. Gregory Thornbury

There are Christians who avoid talking about this convergence all together. Check out this informative and practical conversation, Dr. Gregory Thornbury dives into the questions and Biblical answers surrounding culture, the Gospel, evangelicalism, relativism, conservatism, the arts, and more. Enjoy!