A Glimpse Into Propel This Week

This was a full week of diving into the most important questions about our faith, discovering how to think well about truth, God, our culture, and others, rich times of worship, growing alongside others who are passionate about loving the Lord, learning from guest professors and staff who are excited to live for Jesus and teach others to do the same, and being equipped with tools to share the gospel with clarity and boldness.

This week is more than a camp, it is a practical guide to stepping firmly into the truth of Christianity and living boldly for Jesus.

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Daily Summaries

End of Camp Video

End of Camp

Day Six

Living Boldly

As Jesus’ followers, having spiritual conversations with those around us should be a normal part of our lives. But sometimes, these conversations can be incredibly intimidating and even feel “off-limits.” Today, Jerrod Gunter joined the campers in class to dive into practical tools they can use to share their faith. They practiced in small groups to grow their comfort level and confidence to share the Gospel with their community back home. Our is for students to be equipped to make the gospel clear and have the confidence to boldly share it. 

Outside of the classroom, one of the highlights of Impact 360 Propel is the time that your teens get to spend building relationships with those who are leading them. Our summer staff are deeply committed to their relationship with Jesus and passionate about coming alongside your teens to encourage them in their pursuit of knowing Jesus more deeply, being transformed in their character, and living with Spirit-empowered influence. After a week of discussing what they are learning in small groups, we host a Celebration Night on Friday to celebrate all God has done in the lives of our campers and to send them off encouraged and challenged to take all they have learned and put it into action back home. 

We are excited to continue celebrating with you tomorrow for all the Lord has done in the lives of our campers this week. See you on campus at 10:00 am! 

Day Five

Am I a Leader?

Jonathan Morrow was back in the classroom today, your teens. For the first part of the morning, they walked through the Bible, focusing on the story of scripture and who God reveals himself to be through the metanarrative of His Word. They dove into how other religions cannot tell the whole story, but Christianity can. Then Jonathan led a student favorite session we call “Ask Anything,” where students can ask any question and seek truth together by going to scripture and seeing what God has to say about it.

They dove into the topic of leadership. Everyone is a leader because everyone has influence. It’s not about a position or a title; it’s about leveraging our influence for the glory of God. While today’s session specifically is focusing on the question – am I a leader? – this whole week has been filled with equipping your teens with tools that help them grow in their understanding of what leadership is and how to influence well during their high school years. Your teens were given practical tools and opportunities to practice what they have been learning to grow their confidence to live out their faith with Spirit-empowered influence when they return home.

While we talked about the importance of learning how to follow well to lead well, we also put this into practice on the field in our leadership initiatives. These outdoor activities are completed in your teen’s color team. Each day of the week, they are building teamwork, leadership, and followership skills.

Day Four

The Need for Discipleship in the Church

This morning, the campers continued to build on the past few days of classroom content. Led by Jonathan Morrow, they explored why we can have confidence in Christianity by diving into the evidence for God and why we can trust the Bible. In a world led by cultural Christianity, it is important for us to learn why we believe what we believe and why we can stake our life on Christianity.

The afternoon session focused on the questions: what does it look like to be a disciple of Jesus? And how can we, in becoming more like Christ, lead others to do the same? Jonathan guided your students as they discussed what it means to truly follow Jesus and what it looks like to practically live as his disciples in our own cultural context.

Outside class time, your teens are ending the day with an intense game of dodgeball! Our basketball court will be transformed with glow-in-the-dark decor and filled with laughter and fun!

Learn from Jonathan Morrow through Impact Answers:

Check out Jonathan’s books that equip college students to live out their faith with confidence Questioning the Bible and Welcome to College.

Day Three

The History of Christianity and Why We Can Believe it is True

Alisa Childers joined your teens today to lead a fascinating day focusing on a historical overview of Christianity and opposing views held in culture today. Alisa highlighted the distinctions between historical Christianity and Progressive Christianity, addressing key theological differences. This session encouraged campers to think critically and engage with the challenges faced by the Christian faith in contemporary society. Campers will continue to learn today and throughout the week who God says they are and how they can live according to His plan and will for their lives.

Outside the classroom, campers have begun each day in God’s word by reading through the book of Galatians. Campers are focusing on Galatians 5:1, feeling freedom in their Christian faith and standing boldly in their identity as a Christian. Your teens are having fun growing in relationship with their peers through time on the field, lunchroom conversations, small group discussions, and late night hangs!

Want to continue learning from Alisa Childers?  

Check out Alisa’s two books Another Gospel and Live Your Truth and Other Lies that help Christians become prepared to lead with and know truth in conversations with progressive Christians and understand more of the foundational elements of Christianity.

Day Two

What is a Worldview and Why is it Important?

Today, we explored the topic of worldview with thought-provoking sessions led by guest speaker Brett Kunkle, founder of MAVEN. We were able to engage in some worldview roleplay and discuss how we can engage with those who believe differently than us, ask good questions, and love them well.

Campers had a chance to ask challenging and essential questions about faith and Christianity. They engaged in discussions about truth, examining the concepts of objective and subjective truth and exploring how we can discern what is true. They also reflected on how we, as followers of Jesus, can determine what is true and whether the truth we hold applies to everyone. It was a day of deep reflection and intellectual growth.  

Outside the classroom, we have grown closer together as fellow believers by beginning each class time in worship, having rich, meaningful, and life-giving conversations over meals, and having a ton of fun together on the field.  We are excited to end the night with fun games in the Sport Court! To learn more about today’s topic and Brett Kunkle, check out these videos: 

Day One

Yay! You've Arrived!

Summer arrival on campus is one of our favorite days! We are so excited to have your teens at Impact 360 Propel this summer. We hope you enjoyed your time on campus, and we are looking forward to celebrating the end of camp with you on Saturday. In the meantime, your teens are in incredibly good hands.  

Already, our staff are creating opportunities for our campers to start building new friendships. Even though Propel is only a week, the environment to build rich and lasting friendships at Propel is like one year in the “real” world. Our team started the afternoon off with a fun welcome session, followed by a time of worship, and we will end the evening with an ice cream sundae bar!! 

Thank you for entrusting your children to us at Impact 360 Propel. We are excited about the days ahead and the positive impact this camp will have on their lives.