Frequently Asked Questions

What master’s degree is offered in the Impact 360 Master's Program?

Applicants admitted to the Impact 360 Master’s program will earn an MA as they group in Spiritual Formation and Servant Leadership.

What is the tuition cost?

The two-year cost of the program, not including books, is $11,000. Although it is not a guarantee, many applicants will qualify for a lower tuition schedule depending on the quality of their application materials and interviews.

Master’s students are paid for their graduate assistantship at the Institute which is worth approximately $24,000 ($12,000 annually for two years).

Is there a deadline the Impact 360 Master’s Program application?

Yes, the deadline to submit an application for the Fall 2021 cohort of the Impact 360 Master’s program is March 31, 2021.

How many spots are available for the program?

We have 8 spots available for the Fall 2021 cohort. It does vary year to year as we hope to continue to grow, but next year will we be offering 8 spots total for the master’s program.

When are spots usually completely filled by?

Each year has been different! This year we filled sooner than ever before securing our last commitment by April. We recommend that if you are interested in the Impact 360 Master’s Program, you begin your application as soon as possible to have an opportunity at one of the spots.

Is there an age limit on who you take into the program?

Currently, there has not been an age limit set to who can attend the master’s program. However, it should be noted that our program is aimed at ministering to and coaching students at the very beginning of their careers.

Are international students able to participate in the master’s program?

Unfortunately, at this time, because of the United States' policy for international students pursuing degrees in the US, we will not be able to admit any international students moving forward for the Impact 360 Master's program. This is because the degree-granting institution is not located on the same campus as Impact 360 which doesn't allow an F-1 visa to be supported.

Of course, we are hoping that this will change and we will keep you updated if any new information is available.

Can an applicant be married and still participate in the master’s program?

Yes! We are definitely open to married couples.

Can a master’s applicant have children and participate in the program?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have facilities/housing that can accommodate more than a married couple.

I saw that the program requires 12 hours of undergraduate biblical studies classes. I currently attend a public university, so I haven't taken any of these courses and they're not available for me to take. Would this exclude me from the program?

You would not be excluded and we highly value applicants from state universities! The reason for the requirement is that all masters hit the ground running with intentional discipleship, and we want to do our due diligence in making sure everyone has the basics covered.

If our faculty were to determine that any masters student would benefit from a touch up on Bible basics, we would simply request a crash course be completed. This could be done online.

What is the housing situation and dining plan for the master’s program?

Impact 360 Master’s Students receive an on-campus apartment at no additional cost. Utilities are covered by the Institute and there is free use of Institute laundry facilities. The program also includes an Institute meal plan (15 meals/week from late August through mid-May).

What are other benefits to the Impact 360 Master's Program?

All expenses paid for the following travel/experiential learning activities –

Utah worldview experience (fall)

Sacred Rhythms spiritual disciplines retreat (fall)

One-month international immersion trip to Brazil (January)

Masters-only annual spring retreat

Monthly professional development dinners around various expert-facilitated topics pertinent to job-search, interview skills, professional presence, and more

Routine professional leadership coaching focusing on life-purpose planning, career goal-setting, emotional intelligence assessment and development, and discernment of calling

Spiritual Direction mentoring from a trained spiritual disciplines expert

Lunch ‘n’ learn seminars facilitated by Institute faculty and outside visiting faculty on various topics related to worldview, leadership, and calling

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