A Glimpse into Immersion

This will be a full two weeks of diving into the most important questions about our faith, discovering how to think well about truth, God, our culture, and others, rich times of worship, growing alongside others who are passionate about loving the Lord, learning from guest professors and staff who are excited to live for Jesus and teach others to do the same, being equipped with tools to share the gospel with clarity and boldness, and putting those tools into action during off-campus experiential learning opportunities.

Immersion is more than a camp, it is a practical guide to stepping firmly into the truth of Christianity and living boldly for Jesus.
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Daily Summaries

Day Five

Why is Unity Important?

Monique Duson, co-founder and president of The Center for Biblical Unity, joins Immersion today in the classroom to discuss the topic of unity and kingdom diversity. Monique and your teens will discuss questions like “Why are having conversations about race difficult?” “What is Critical Race Theory, and is it the best way to racial reconciliation?” and “What is God’s heart for all people?” and “How can we walk in unity?” As they ask these big and layered questions, Monique will guide them by bringing her expertise in encouraging the Church to approach racial unity grounded in historic Christianity and what God reveals about His heart for unity in Scripture. We will discuss and evaluate these questions from a biblical worldview perspective.

In an afternoon session, Dr. Jonathan Morrow helped your teens explore another layer of why we can trust the Bible and explored the reliability of the Bible by diving into the question, “How do we know the Bible has the right books?”

Outside the classroom,we have grown closer together as fellow believers by beginning each class time in worship, having rich, meaningful, and life-giving conversations over meals, and having a ton of fun together on the field.

Learn from Monique Duson through Impact Answers:

Continue learning from Monique on the Impact 360 Podcast, where we discuss her book Reconciled: A Biblical Approach to Racial Unity. You can buy her book directly here.

Day Four

Science, the Resurrection, and Our First Off Campus Adventure!

This afternoon your teens are loading up to take a trip 30 minutes south to Columbus, Georgia where they will go whitewater rafting on what USA Today awarded one of the Top 12 Man-Made Adventures in the World. Be sure to check out the photo gallery tomorrow for pictures of some epic fun!

Before we head off for our adventure, we are diving into more rich content in the classroom. Dr. Jonathan Morrow will lead two different sessions. The first will focus on asking the question “Does science provide evidence for the existence of God?” In this session, your teens will discover that, far from science disproving God, science actually helps point toward the existence of God. In their second session, they will dive into the compelling, historical evidence for Jesus’ resurrection.

Learn from Jonathan Morrow:
Are Christianity and Science at Odds?

Explore the Resurrection

Check out Jonathan’s books that equip college students to live out their faith with confidence, Is God Just a Human Invention, Questioning the Bible, and Welcome to College.

Day Three

New Tools for Putting our Faith into Action

Learning to understand our faith intellectually is so important to spiritual growth, but if we don’t put it into action we are missing the point. By putting our faith into practice, we grow our confidence in who God is and who He created us to be. While we are building on content from yesterday with a session about why Jesus is the only way to God, we are also starting to learn some tools to take our faith beyond ourselves. Brett Kunkle is teaching your teens some specific ways we can enter into conversations about faith with others who believe differently.

Your teens are learning how to navigate conversations with people regardless of where they are spiritually and, when given the opportunity, have the tools to share the gospel clearly.

Your teens are learning to communicate and lead others well through learning in the classroom but also through their leadership challenges on the field. They are learning to be clear in their words and definitions and be loving in the ways they communicate.

Day Two

Is What’s True for You, Really What’s True for You?

We’re starting our first week with a deep dive into some of the most important questions about our faith. For the next two days. Brett Kunkle, founder of MAVEN, guides your teens in class as they explore the concept of worldview and ask big questions like “Why am I a Christian?” “Does truth exist and can I know it?”, and “How does and how should my faith affect how I live?”

We’re engaging in these challenging and important questions about faith and Christianity through discussion and gaining tools to seek truth. We’ll also dive into the differences between objective and subjective truth and reflect on how we as followers of Jesus can determine truth and apply it to our lives.

Our days at Immersion are full of deep reflection and intellectual growth as well as time to live life alongside staff and students who are pursuing Jesus too. While we do spend a significant time in the classroom discussing and learning, we have plenty of time outside of class to grow closer together as fellow believers by beginning each class time in worship, having rich, meaningful, and life-giving conversations over meals, and having a ton of fun together on the field.

Day One

Yay! You've Arrived!

Summer arrival on campus is one of our favorite days! We are so excited to have your teens at Impact 360 Immersion this summer. We hope you enjoyed your time on campus, and we are looking forward to celebrating the end of camp with you on Saturday, July 20th. In the meantime, your teens are in incredibly good hands.  

Already, our staff are creating opportunities for our campers to start building new friendships. The environment at Immersion is designed to build rich and lasting friendships. While it’s only two weeks, it’s really more like one year in the “real” world. Our team started the afternoon off with a fun welcome session, followed by a time of worship, and we will end the evening with some games and ice cream. This will allow the campers to explore new friendships and have some fun!

Thank you for entrusting your children to us at Impact 360 Immersion. We are excited about the days ahead and the positive impact this camp will have on their lives.