IT Specialist

Pine Mountain, Georgia
Application Deadline: 1/18/19
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Scope of Position:

The IT specialist installs and maintains hardware and software systems to ensure the technological needs of the users and organization are met. The IT specialist will also offer technical advice, new user and ongoing training, and support to system users of other technologies. Reports to: Director, Operational Services

Job Responsibilities: IT Specialist

  1. Identify and procure the hardware and software needed to satisfy user requirements.
  2. Install and manage hardware and peripheral components such as monitors, keyboards, printers and disk drives.
  3. Manage fleet of computer devices, both Mac and PC, including pushing patches and updates to devices, encrypting computers and maintaining encryption keys.
  4. Install and monitor anti-virus system software.
  5. Manage Office 365 which includes on-boarding new users, monitoring security, setting up and enforcing two-factor authentication, and providing ongoing training for staff for the available software tools.
  6. Provide quick “real time” support for computer hardware, printers, and phones.
  7. Provide support with the network, firewall, facility management systems, mobile printers, and AV/sound equipment.
  8. Research and make recommendations on hardware/software solutions available to solve audio visual and sound challenges.
  9. Remove access to all technology when employees depart organization.


  1. An evangelical believer committed to Christian service, consistent with our organizational purpose and beliefs, who is actively involved in a church and living out his/her faith on a daily basis.
  2. Associate’s degree in technical field; Bachelor’s degree preferred
  3. Minimum of 3 years experience in technology support.
  4. Demonstrated ability to work independently and also as a strong team player under time pressures without loss of poise, grace or humor.
  5. Exceptional professionalism and the ability to anticipate needs and challenges.
  6. Strong interpersonal communication skills.
  7. Demonstrated ability to handle stressful situations, make rational decisions, and take effective action.