Hospitality Line Cook

Pine Mountain, Georgia
Application Deadline: April 23, 2019
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Scope of Position:

Responsible for production in all food services activities, complying with all applicable sanitation, health, and personal hygiene standards, while following established food production procedures. Responsible for the appropriate use of facility supplies and equipment to minimize loss, waste and fraud. Ensure excellence in Christian hospitality to student body, staff, and guests, while upholding a Christ-centered servant attitude. This role directly serves our corporate purpose by helping to cultivate a culture of service in accordance with our organization’s beliefs.

Reports to: Executive Chef

  • Job Responsibilities:

1. Prepare or direct preparation of food served using established production procedures.
2. Observe proper food preparation and handling techniques.
3. Comply with established sanitation standards, personal hygiene, and health standards.
4. Cook menu items in cooperation with other kitchen staff.
5. Correctly prepare all food served following standard recipes and special diet orders.
6. Ensure food is prepared timely and is of excellent quality.
7. Set steam table and serve or ensure proper serving of food for tray line or dining room.
8. Set up and stock stations with all necessary supplies.
9. Apportion food for serving.
10. Complete food temperature checks before service.
11. Keep work area neat and clean at all times.
12. Store food properly and safely, marking the date and item.
13. Clean and maintain equipment used in food preparation.
14. Report necessary equipment repair and maintenance to Executive Chef.
15. Maintain a positive and professional work environment, consistent with our organizational purposes and beliefs.

  • Requirements:

1. An evangelical believer practicing an active faith in a New Testament-based denomination in agreement with Impact 360 Institute’s Statement of Faith and practicing Jesus-like lifestyle, supports the vision, values and philosophy of Impact 360 Institute.
2. 5 years of prior experience in a related food service position.
3. Must possess excellent understanding of various cooking methods, ingredients usage, equipment handling, and food preparation procedures.
4. Must possess a commitment to excellence, seeing this work as a ministry, while having a heart for hospitality in accordance with the organization’s beliefs.
5. Demonstrated organizational skills accompanied with strong work ethic.