Associate Director, Selection and Enrollment

Pine Mountain, Georgia
Application Deadline: 4/31/2020
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The Associate Director of Selection and Enrollment will lead in recruiting, selecting, and enrolling students who are the best representation of Impact 360 Institute. They will actively seek to fulfill the organizational purpose, mission, and values of Impact 360 Institute in everything they do.


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The Associate Director of Selection and Enrollment Will: 

  • Lead the enrollment team to create processes and systems to meet annual enrollment and student diversity goals.
  • Create and manage enrollment department budgets.
  • Ensure all enrollment activity is tracked in Salesforce.
  • Create systems and processes to ensure applicants receive timely communications at each step in the process.
  • Oversee interview days to ensure quality candidates are evaluated and selected.
  • Serve as the liaison to the Impact 360 Institute Student Grant Committee making appropriate recommendations on student financial need packages.
  • Make final acceptance recommendations to the acceptance committee for respective programs.
  • Provide consistent enrollment updates and trend analysis anticipating and identifying issues that impede project goals and implement corrective action.
  • Lead the enrollment team to provide a high touch customer experience and oversee the Alumni Ambassador strategy and training.