With the help of Lifeshape Foundation donors who are passionate about influencing the emerging generation for Christ, accepted students may apply for Lifeshape grants based on financial need. Lifeshape grants are based on need. For further information, please contact Impact 360 upon acceptance into the program.


Through the generosity of the Cathy family, Impact 360 costs are subsidized to make this life-changing opportunity available to all students.

Cost of Impact 360 before need-based grants:


Actual cost: approximately $30,000

-$14,100 in generous donor support

=$15,900, which includes the following:

• Tuition (includes 18 college credit hours from Union University and books)

• Modern student housing with wireless Internet, laundry, and private bathrooms, plus 15 meals per week

• Student activity and experiential learning fees

• One-month international experience (includes overseas flights, travel visa, in-country travel, lodging, and meals)

Students may apply for need-based grants by submitting a FAFSA after acceptance to Impact 360. Although we do not qualify for federal-based assistance, Impact 360 uses the FAFSA as a measuring tool for need in each situation.


Impact 360 grads receive 18 hours of college credit for completion of the program. In most cases, credit hours accrued will not jeopardize a student’s chance to receive scholarships or freshman status when they enroll in college. Credits may be transferable to other institutions, and generally count toward philosophy, religion, internships, business, and elective courses.

Students should check with the school they plan to attend post-Impact 360 for more information about transferring credit hours. Email admissions for details.