One of our guest faculty, Gregory Alan Thornbury of King’s College, makes the observation that “it used to be said that college was a finishing school but unfortunately now it has become a halfway house.” He goes on to say that, “Young people don’t know who they are or why God has called them to go out into the world. That’s why a place like Impact 360 is such an important place for your young person to be because they will be surrounded by an intentional Christian community and by some of the best teachers, apologists, and scholars throughout the country that come in and pour through their life and into their life for an entire year.” Thornbury shares about the marriage of academics and life setting at Impact 360 and how that births graduates who understand servant leadership. “What does the secular world and the secular marketplace most want to see out of a college graduate? If they are a servant leader they will become great in their chosen field of study. Impact 360 knows how to do servant leadership better than anybody and I would highly recommend it to you,” he finishes.

Gregory Alan Thornbury, Ph.D., serves as the sixth President of The King’s College in New York City. He previously held the post of Professor of Philosophy, Dean of the School of Theology, and Vice President for Spiritual Life at Union University in Tennessee. He is the author of Recovering Classic Evangelicalism: Applying the Wisdom and Vision of Carl F. H. Henry. A Senior Fellow of The Kairos Journal, he is the co-author of two other volumes, and author of numerous book chapters, opinion pieces, and critical essays. He addresses a range of subjects, including philosophy, theology, music, spirituality, public thought, and the arts. A visiting professor of philosophy at Ansgar Teologiske Høgskole in Norway, he has recently lectured at exhibitions and installations on the life and work of artists such as Larry Norman, Carl Perkins, and Daniel Johnston.

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